Why Does a Transmission Line Get Built?

As part of PJM’s work to ensure the reliability of the electric grid for 61 million people, PJM studies potential reliability issues. After a lot of careful consideration, we can ask for new transmission lines to be built to solve developing problems.

In a brief new video, PJM’s Yonas Habtemichael, engineer – Transmission Planning, explains and illustrates how a transmission line gets built in the region PJM serves. He walks through PJM’s planning process. It evaluates proposed upgrades to the grid and ensures that PJM can meet electricity demand now and into the future – in short, keeping the lights on.

The video is a part of PJM’s series of “Power Clips.” They are a part of the PJM Learning Center. Each Power Clip gives a brief, high-level overview of a PJM-related industry topic. The Learning Center explains in simple terms the power industry and PJM’s priority of ensuring reliable power supplies.

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