How Does a Generator Connect to PJM? New Video Helps Explain

When a generator wants to connect to the transmission system, PJM follows a thorough and detailed process. It ensures that when the generator connects, it can deliver power safely and reliably and participate in PJM’s markets.

We’ve briefly discussed the interconnection process previously on Plugged In. In a new video, PJM’s Susan McGill, senior engineer – Interconnection Projects, explains the four-phase process for a generator to connect to the PJM grid. She describes the process from the initial application for a generator to connect to the PJM system, to coordination with local utilities to ensure the generator can connect safely and reliably, through commercial operation of that generator.

The video is part of PJM’s series of “Power Clips.” They are part of the PJM Learning Center (also see our previous post about how transmission lines get built). Each Power Clip gives a brief, high-level overview of a PJM-related industry topic. The Learning Center is dedicated to explaining in simple terms the power industry and PJM’s key priority of ensuring reliable power supplies.

Check out all of the Power Clips.

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