Next Grid 20/20 Forum to Explore Gas/Electric Interoperability

PJM often holds what we call “Grid 20/20” forums that bring together PJM members, policymakers and industry experts to discuss cutting-edge ideas, visions and technologies that will transform electricity in the 21st century.

Our next forum, “PJM’s Grid 20/20: Focus on Gas/Electric Interoperability,” held on June 17, will feature Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Philip Moeller among the key speakers.

The forum focuses on the two industries continuing to work collaboratively to adjust to the growing use of natural gas for electric generation. PJM, regulators and gas and electric industry companies continue to assess the impact on grid operations, the markets, infrastructure planning and regulatory compliance. The trend to natural-gas-fired generation also is a factor in considering the potential impacts of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan.

PJM President and CEO Terry Boston will open the forum, which also will feature ISO New England CEO Gordon van Welie and three panels of industry experts.

Learn more or register on the PJM website.

Grid 20/20 2015

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