PJM and Members Ready to Meet Summer Demands

PJM issued its annual summer assessment (PDF), which found that PJM will be able meet the hot weather demands the season brings. For this summer, PJM expects to serve about 155,279 megawatts at its peak (for reference, one megawatt is enough to power between 800 and 1,000 homes).

The assessment says that while summer weather conditions can test the grid, PJM should be able to meet the expected peak, with 177,650 MW of installed generating capacity to use. The extra available electricity is called a reserve, which is needed in case an extended heat wave puts an added demand on the grid or if another supply resource goes out of service unexpectedly. PJM must have a certain percentage of reserve available, called a margin, to meet federal reliability standards.

PJM expects to have about 8,500 MW of demand response and energy efficiency resources available. Demand response is a program where customers commit to reducing or interrupting their power use in the event of a system emergency.

Additionally, the recently-completed Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line that runs between Pennsylvania and New Jersey also should relieve some congestion on the grid this summer.

If you’re wondering, the highest peak use of power PJM ever served was 165,492 MW in July 2011.

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