The Interconnection Process: Does PJM ‘Approve’ New Generation?

Every now and then you might read that PJM has “approved” a new generator to be built within the area it serves. We don’t actually “approve” generators, however.

Here’s a simple explanation of how PJM’s generation interconnection process works:

When a generation developer begins the process to link (or “interconnect”) the unit to the grid, PJM reviews the project and lets the developer know what improvements need to be made to the transmission system as well as how much it will cost in order to connect. From there the developer decides whether or not it wants to continue with its project.

PJM doesn’t judge whether a generator should or should not be built. We just determine what needs to happen for the project to work to connect to the grid and how much that will cost the developer.

You can read more on PJM’s website.

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