Get the Inside Scoop from PJM Inside Lines

Each week, PJM facilitates multiple meetings, tracks about 30 issues through the stakeholder process, regularly files with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and meets with dozens of governmental and regulatory authorities, industry groups, members and peer organizations. As a result, news happens often at PJM.

To better share this news, PJM launched a new company news site that provides current, important PJM news largely geared to stakeholders. PJM Inside Lines is the company’s official new site.

The site will be updated as news occurs. It replaces the monthly Inside Lines newsletter, which was sent directly to subscribers. This site is unique from and Plugged In because it focuses on news with broader appeal to members and others who are impacted by the stakeholder process as well as regulatory decisions.

Plugged In continues to provide brief and unique insights into PJM and the energy industry and is geared to a general audience.

PJM Inside Lines has added new features. The “Tips and Tools” feature highlights resources on and “City Spotlight” highlights a city within the PJM footprint. The executive column will continue to provide a perspective on key issues impacting PJM and its stakeholders.

Inside Lines Screenshot

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