PJM Prepped for Presidents Day Weekend Cold

You’ve probably already felt it if you stepped outside today… the region PJM serves is in another spell of extremely cold weather.

Electricity demand is expected to rise as the thermometer drops, but PJM does not anticipate problems meeting the demand for electricity. As always, PJM and its members are keeping a close watch on system conditions. PJM also has asked transmission and generation owners to defer any maintenance that would keep generators transmission lines out of service in order to make sure as many resources are available as possible.

PJM anticipates that it will meet the highest demand of this cold snap on Presidents Day, serving an estimated 132,000 to 134,000 megawatts of demand. That’s pretty high for a holiday. In January, the highest demand was 136,669 megawatts – but that was on a normal workday.

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