PJM Prepared for Winter Demands

With the recent chill throughout the region PJM serves, we’ve already had a little taste of what this winter could bring.

Looking at the winter ahead, we’re confident there is sufficient capacity to meet our forecasted peak demand. As we mentioned on Wednesday, PJM has already set a new record peak demand for the month of November.

PJM started focusing on this winter’s preparedness early in the year while studying the lessons learned from the Polar Vortex in January 2014. The steps PJM has been taking include more testing of generating equipment beforehand, improving operating procedures and improving coordination with the gas pipeline industry.

The times of day and ways people use electricity also varies with the weather and with the seasons. The graphs below show examples of PJM’s demand curves (which track electricity usage throughout the day) during different seasons. PJM’s Learning Center has more about load and demand changes with the seasons. We also have a video that explains more about the subject.


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