An MRI for the Electric Grid

In the same ways doctors and specialists use the latest medical technologies to detect potential problems in our bodies, PJM uses new technologies to detect potential problems on the grid.

Using a U.S. Department of Energy grant, PJM’s member transmission owners have installed more than 370 synchrophasors in more than 100 substations in 10 states. Synchrophasors take high-speed measurements of voltage, current and frequency.

Similar to how an MRI shows a more-detailed picture of the human body than an X-ray, synchrophasors give a more detailed, comprehensive look at the electric grid than current tools allow. The technology combined with advanced analytical software is an excellent tool for analyzing disturbances on the grid and is a powerful tool for system planning as well as monitoring and anticipating future disturbances.

To learn more about synchrophasors, check out the PJM Learning Center.

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