Enhanced PJM Issue Tracking Makes It Easier for You to Track an Issue Across PJM Stakeholder Process

PJM has enhanced the Issue Tracking Web pages to respond to member requests and needs. The new Issue Tracking features allow members to track a single issue across the PJM stakeholder process without searching numerous committee Web pages to monitor progress.Issue Tracking Enhancements

A comprehensive list of all significant issues PJM and its members are working on can be viewed and filtered by open or closed issues. Also, new tabs on the Issue Tracking page enable members to view specific information about each issue. The different tabs for an issue are:

  • Overview – shows strategic focus area, issue status, stakeholder process status and Members Committee annual plan
  • Proposed Timeline – timeline of how the issue will move through the stakeholder process
  • Process Status – where the issue is in the stakeholder process, such as in review or approved

Other customization options on the page make it easy to see the committee level where the issue resides. Members can also sort by the committee owning the issue and they can search for an issue by typing in a key word.

Issue Tracking also now functions on mobile devices such as a tablet or phone.

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