Leveling the Playing Field for Variable Energy Resources

The wide scope of PJM’s operations and markets provides ample opportunities for variable energy resources – such as wind and solar – to conduct business. PJM is focused on merging innovations in energy storage – such as new battery technology – with market developments – such as increasing demand response – to help incorporate wind and solar into the grid while maintaining reliability.

Leveling the Playing Field

PJM has been at the forefront of facilitating new technologies and new competitors, such as renewable energy sources, and collaborating with others in the industry to create a planning framework to most effectively integrate all of these resources. Most recently, PJM’s dedication to leveling the playing field for all energy resources was recognized by the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group. PJM President and CEO Terry Boston received a UVIG Achievement Award for leading PJM in contributions to the design and advancement of electricity markets to incorporate variable generation forecasting and enhance market flexibility.

PJM has taken a number of measures to reduce barriers and facilitate the ability of variable resources to integrate into the system and compete in wholesale electricity markets while ensuring continued reliability. Learn more about PJM’s support for variable resources.

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