Track the price of power with new tool on

Consumers in the same region as PJM’s headquarters in southeastern Pennsylvania now have the power to track the real-time price of wholesale electricity with a new icon display on The electricity price ticker links to a web page that provides a user-friendly overview on wholesale costs.

The electricity price ticker appears on PJM’s Learning Center page and in the newsroom on The ticker streams the real-time wholesale price of electricity, also known as the locational marginal price. The color background in the graphic corresponds to the price in the legend of PJM’s price contour map.

This ticker does not indicate the retail cost, but rather the price of power on the wholesale spot market, PJM’s Real-time Energy Market.

The electricity price ticker landing page features two PJM videos – one on locational marginal pricing and the other on how the grid works – and an infographic that explains a megawatt-hour equivalent. It also has useful links to related topics in our Learning Center.

The ticker and web page on grew out of a project launched earlier this year in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Urban Research along with other local partners. The ticker and a similar landing page are present on the partners’ websites.

PJM continues to seek partnerships with other universities and consumer advocacy groups to use the ticker and help build awareness about the relationship between wholesale power prices and consumers.

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