PJM’s new Conference and Training Center incorporates advanced technology by design and in displays

By Nora Swimm, vice president – Human Resources and Corporate Client Services

Umbrella-like sound domes hang over interactive touch screens in the lobby of PJM’s Conference and Training Center a few feet away from displays of PJM’s advanced technology pilots. These latest enhancements to the facility that opened earlier this year help to realize a vision for a state-of-the-art meeting space for PJM members, stakeholders and visitors.CTC Pilot Displays

For stakeholder meetings, the building provides wireless Internet access, breakout rooms, teleconferencing capabilities, comfortable networking areas and meeting spaces and onsite dining facilities.

The building’s lobby displays important information in interesting ways. Whether looking for the timeline of major electric industry events or profiles of board members, the information comes to life on interactive screens. Visitors can learn how the large water heater to or in the lobby both heats the building’s water and responds to signals from the Regulation Service Market, demonstrating how large water heaters can help PJM regulate grid frequency. Alongside the water heater is a street lamp powered by a solar panel, and nearby there is a ceramic brick heater that acts as a demand resource in the Regulation Service Market.CTC Pilot Displays

New technology also was incorporated into the design of the leased building including energy-efficient elements, such as a lighting control system that takes advantage of ambient light while adjusting the lighting fixtures’ output accordingly. An energy-efficient roof reflects solar heat and reduces air loss from within. Restrooms were designed with highly efficient technology that dramatically reduces water consumption. External LCD lighting reduces energy consumption.

In the future, visitors to the center can expect to experience new displays and features, such as more electric vehicle charging stations, as we continue to explore advanced energy technologies that can integrate into the grid.

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